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Emotionally Focused Therapy

The Benefits of Emotionally Focused Therapy Counselling can help you turn relationship despair into relief and hope!

Research shows that 86 to 90% of couples report feeling happier in their relationship after completion of counselling (compared to only 35% improvement with other approaches)

  • the results are long lasting results
  • a short-term method - average length of therapy is 12 to 30 sessions
  • effective for individual counselling as well as couples and family
  • fastest growing approach to couples counselling available today
  • endorsed by the American Psychological Association as effective
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Free Consultations for Couples Counselling

I know that it is not always easy for couples to decide they could benefit from counselling. It is a big step and understandably can feel risky. But when you contact me at Frances Brown Counselling, I will be more than happy to talk to you about your situation and how counselling can help you. By providing all my potential clients with complimentary consultations, I hope to make each of you feel supported, understood and ready to take the first step in an effective and compassionate therapy process.

Emotionally Focused Therapy Can Bring Relief from Emotional Pain

When couples are caught in a repeating negative cycle of angry criticism and icy withdrawal that leaves partners feeling hurt and alone, counselling can help change your despair into relief and hope, right from the first appointment. Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples provides a therapeutic roadmap to rebuilding secure, loving connection. Specific techniques have been designed to help couples reduce conflict and find new ways to communicate that strengthen your love bond. By tracking your current pattern of communication and exploring deeper, underlying emotions, unhealthy patterns of interaction gradually shift into a new dynamic that builds trust and safety, paving the way for intimacy to spark and happiness to grow! My couples counselling approach is effective for any couple struggling in their relationship. Some of the focus during your sessions will include:

  • increasing awareness and de-escalation of the negative interaction patterns that you and your partner are caught in
  • discovering new ways to communicate that bring each other into closer connection
  • consolidating effective communication strategies to last a lifetime

What my clients say: Our relationship is stronger than ever and we feel so close. It's what I've always wanted! Even though it's not something I grew up with, I now fully realize the importance of giving and receiving physical affection. I'm sure you know this, but you are incredibly good at what you do. We are both so thankful that you came into our lives and we have mentioned your name to many friends who might benefit from your help. Even my relationships with my friends and work colleagues have improved as a result of the work you did with us. Thank you for being so kind, compassionate and wise. I will never forget the lasting impact you've had on our lives!

Online Relationship and Individual Counselling

I strive to provide convenient and safe access to my professional counselling therapy for any couple or individual who is wanting counselling support. In consideration of the uncertainty of our times, I am fortunately able to accomodate you by offering ONLINE VIRTUAL THERAPY SESSIONS through the compliant video platform of My clients report that online therapy is completely effective for them. You can get the valuable help you need from the comfort of your own home.

Emotionally Focused Therapist with a History of Success

Having a couple return and thank me for helping them through their difficult situation always brings me a sense of satisfaction. Being able to assist many relationships to succeed and thrive is deeply meaningful for me. I use techniques that are backed by research and science, so you can feel confident that our work together will have a positive impact on your relationship.

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There has never been a better time for you and your partner to get the counselling support you need to understand one another truly. If you have found that the two of you are bickering over things like dirty dishes more frequently, it could be pointing to something below the surface. Contact me today at (604) 219-2690 or Book Online to schedule your first appointment and make your relationship stronger than you thought possible.