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Individual Counselling can be a tremendous gift in your life!

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. C.G. Jung

We are never upset for the reasons we think we are. ACIM - A Course in Miracles

Is Individual Counselling Right For Me?

There are many reasons why this may be the right time for you to begin counselling for yourself:

  • problematic relationship issues at home or work
  • relief from ongoing anxiety and depression
  • a safe place to process grief and loss
  • strategies to help you balance life's pressures and your need for well-being
  • more peacefulness, enjoyment and fun
  • a life of greater possibilities

At Frances Brown Counselling, it is important to me to be able to provide a compassionate, non-judgmental and attuned environment where you can begin to explore your most important issues and clarify your goals.

What Happened to Us

As children, we may have learned to cope with troubling family dynamics by putting aside some of our own authentic feelings and needs and instead have adopted a mask of acceptability designed to keep us safe and connected. The limiting self-beliefs we develop can leave us with feelings of discouragement, depression and anxiety that become more evident in our adult lives and manifest as blocks to our happiness and well-being. Helping my clients to feel safe to explore these blocks and consistently supported to take the steps needed to create lasting change is of utmost importance to me.

The Benefits of Counselling for You at Frances Brown Counselling

At first, it may look like the challenge is too big a hurdle to face, but take heart. With the support of an effective, caring professional therapist, here is what you are likely to experience

  • hope and reassurance
  • renewed optimism and self-confidence
  • new strategies for successfully resolving personal, work and family relati0nship issues
  • a sense of empowerment and new possibility

What Fran's clients say:

People often talk about needing to feel safe when communicating or how someone "held space" for them. What does that mean exactly? Well for me Fran is the embodiment of the "safe held space". She is totally present for you without judgement and with an unfathomable amount of compassion. All of those thoughts you were sure can never be shared are not only accepted by her but embraced as the most natural expression of the life you have lead. It's a testimony to who Fran is as a person and how she approaches the work that I was able to open up, not just to her but more importantly to myself, in a deeply profound way. There isn't a big enough word that could contain all of the gratitude I feel for this angel on earth. LP February 3, 2017 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With you, Fran, I hit the jackpot! It's been like night and day. I feel so relieved, so peaceful. DU March 2019